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The Baldauff Difference

Our Difference

Not many Families have thought about the qualities in a preferred funeral home. Yet, when you read of who we are, and how much we care; you'll know exactly what you should expect. Each and every family is given the utmost care and respect. We have a responsibility to do everything we can to help you through this. You are not alone.. We are here every day, 24 hours to help you, we consider this a ministry with decisions you make, we want you to be satisfied not 6 days from now, but 6 years from now. 

In Memory - Our Mentor - Angelo "Jungle" Garavalia

Angelo would say...

Angelo would say...

Take your Time - Do Quality Work

Be A Craftsman

Be Fair and Honest At All Times

Capiche - Knuckle Head!!

Angelo "Jungle" Garavalia...worked for Moroni-Johnson Funeral Home in

Herrin, Illinois from 1937 - 1990. Growing up at my family's funeral home..Angelo taught me to always do the right thing and give my best effort..whether it was embalming, running ambulance service or helping people heal through their time of sorrow.

Everyone in my small home town knew him as "Jungle" because he fought in the jungle during World War II and that is how he acquired the nickname of "Jungle.

Angelo left his mark with a big heart, easy going manner and a great love for people.

He exemplified the Title "Greatest Generation" - as Angelo was Loyal - Honest -Sincere - Kind - Moral - a Hard Worker - His word was his bond - He made liking him as easy as breathing.

There is an old saying from decades ago people in Southern Illinois would say about a man like Angelo, "He was a Good Egg."

He treasured his profession.

I try to follow his example.

Men do what is right, boys do what they want.

It's a thought, think about it.

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